Rural Assist prepares and empowers members of the community who may be especially vulnerable in severe weather due to health conditions, living conditions and other circumstances.

The Bruderheim program is currently underway and open for registration for Bruderheim residents. A full launch of the program across all partner communities is coming up in 2022.

BRUDERHEIM RESIDENTS: Take your community vulnerability survey and be entered for a chance to win ________. Open to everyone. 


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By registering for the Bruderheim Rural Assist Program you will... 

  • Improve your safety in poor weather conditions (heat waves, windstorms, freezing rain, floods, wildfires, periods of poor air quality)

  • Gain the ability to request assistance during climate-related events by providing a response to Bruderheim Alert System messages

  • Access information about vulnerability and safety in extreme weather

The Rural Assist program is for community members who:

  • Have reduced mobility due to a disability or other factors 

  • Live alone or run a lone-parent household

  • Live with a condition that requires caregiver assistance 

  • Are seniors (65+)

  • Are a racial minority or Indigenous

  • Are newcomers to Canada and the community 

  • Live in a low-income household

  • Live in substandard housing conditions (e.g. crowding, unsafe housing)

  • Live with a health condition that increases risk with poor air quality 

  • Live with a health condition that increases heat sensitivity 

  • Treat a condition with medication that increases heat sensitivity 

  • Manage a condition with equipment that requires electricity, running water

  • Live with anxiety, depression or other mental health issues

Emergency Preparedness is important for all of our community members. If you don't fall into the above categories, we encourage you to take the community survey and sign up for Bruderheim's Emergency Alert System:

The Rural Assist model is available to any community looking to better serve their vulnerable populations as climate change intensifies.

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