Rural Assist ensures vulnerable groups are not left behind when an emergency or severe weather event strikes their community. The program serves to identify vulnerabilities across households and helps create a community-level system to empower people with information and tailored support. The program is being piloted in Bruderheim but will later be launched in our other partner communities, and can serve as a basis for other towns looking to engage with vulnerable populations.  

Image by Austin Kehmeier

Rural Assist is for people who:

  • Have reduced mobility due to a disability or other factors 

  • Live alone or run a lone-parent household

  • Live with a condition that requires caregiver assistance 

  • Are seniors (65+)

  • Are a racial minority or Indigenous

  • Are newcomers to Canada and the community 

  • Live in a low-income household

  • Live in substandard housing conditions (e.g. crowding, unsafe housing)

  • Live with a health condition that increases risk with poor air quality 

  • Live with a health condition that increases heat sensitivity 

  • Treat a condition with medication that increases heat sensitivity 

  • Manage a condition with equipment that requires electricity, running water

  • Live with anxiety, depression or other mental health issues

Emergency Preparedness is important for all of our community members, and even if you don't fit into the above categories, we strongly encourage you to sign up for our Bruderheim's Emergency Alert System:

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Subscribe to Your Community's Rural Assist Program

  • Receive alerts and weather updates catered to your specific needs.

  • Improve your and your household's support and safety in conditions intensified by climate change (heat waves, windstorms, freezing rain, floods, wildfires, periods of poor air quality.)

  • Access information about vulnerability and safety in extreme weather.

  • Build connections between you and/or your household and Resilient Rurals team members, community members, community volunteers and local emergency management.