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Severe Storm Warning

Severe Storm Warnings are released when large hail (2 cm or larger), strong winds (90 km/h or stronger), or heavy rain (50 mm rain/hour or more) have been detected or are highly possible.

Key Vulnerable Persons:

  • People who require power to operate medical equipment

  • People who have lower-income

  • People who work outside

  • People who struggle with a mental illness

  • Children or youth

How Does A Severe Storm Warning Impact Me?

Severe Storm Warnings indicate that weather conditions may become extreme, leading to potential property damage, flooding, and limited mobility/transportation ability. Severe storms can also damage community infrastructure, possibly causing power, telephone, or internet outages. Additionally, large hail or heavy rain can cause damage to crops or gardens.

To prepare for a Severe Storm Warning, we recommend:

  1. Take the time to prepare an Emergency Kit (water, food, flashlights w/ batteries, extra medications, emergency numbers).

  2. Keep your fuel tank full, in case gas stations are closed or damaged during/following a storm.

  3. Secure loose outdoor belongings to prevent damage. If you have a garden, plan to cover your crops to reduce hail damage.

  4. If you are indoors, keep your curtains/blinds/window coverings closed.

  5. If you are in a vehicle, keep away from trees or power lines that may fall on you.

  6. Stress and anxiety about storms can be detrimental to children, youth, and people with mental illnesses. Do your best to alleviate these concerns by being prepared beforehand,