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It can be daunting to approach climate change adaptation and resilience planning, simply because of the volume of information available. Where does one even begin? To minimize your search time, this page compiles some resources that have proven helpful to Resilient Rurals' work. This list is continually being updated—get in touch if you have something valuable to add.

Resilient Rurals Climate Data


Climate Data

Climate Atlas of Canada

The Climate Atlas of Canada combines climate science, mapping and storytelling to bring the global issue of climate change closer to home for Canadians. It is designed to inspire local, regional, and national action that will let us move from risk to resilience.

Climate Change in Alberta

How the causes and impacts of climate change could affect Alberta's environment, health and economy.

Alberta's Climate Future Final Report (2019)

This report summarizes observed climatic changes across Canada and Alberta. It briefly discusses the causes of climate change and the methodology for the detection and causal attribution of long-term trends and changes in the frequency or intensity of extreme events.

Alberta Climate Records

Through this application you can explore climate changes and averages for 6,834 10-by-10 km squares in Alberta for 52 climate indices based on historical records between 1951 - 2017 and three future projections for 2041 - 2070.

Climate Change in the Prairies

An ArcGIS Story Map of climate change in the Canadian Prairies.




Climate Change Legislation in Alberta

Climate change acts and regulations, including renewable standards and specified reporting.

Environmental Law Centre - Climate Change and the Law

The Environmental Law Centre (ELC) encourages all Albertans to consider how governments, industry, communities and individuals can assist with adapting to climate change.

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Organizations / Projects

Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities (University of Alberta)

The Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities assists rural communities in meeting diverse challenges through fostering constructive dialogue, promoting interdisciplinary and collaborative research, and developing partnerships.

Prairie Climate Centre (University of Winnipeg)

The Prairie Climate Centre is committed to making climate change meaningful and relevant to Canadians of all walks of life. The Centre brings an evidence-based perspective to communicating the science, impacts, and risks of climate change through maps, documentary video, research reports, and plain-language training, writing, and outreach.

Prairies Regional Adaptation Collaborative (University of Regina)

The Prairies Regional Adaptation Collaborative (PRAC) works to increase capacity on the Canadian Prairies to prepare for the impacts of climate change. The PRAC is a cost-shared initiative of Natural Resources Canada and the governments of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Rural Mental Health Project

The Canadian Mental Health Association, Alberta Division (CMHA AB) is hosting a Rural Mental Health Community Development Project. Alberta Health provided $1.6 million dollars over three and a half years to develop an Alberta Rural Mental Health Network, and support 150 rural Alberta communities in developing community mental health roadmaps and action plans.

Think Resilience

Think Resilience is an online course to help you start doing something about climate change and our other sustainability challenges—starting in your own community.

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Municipal Tools

Climate Resilience Express - All One Sky Foundation

A workshop-based process to quickly build community support for climate adaptation plans.

A printable, linked resource to help you track your progress on implementing climate resilience strategies.

ICLEI Canada

ICLEI Canada works with a wide variety of stakeholders from across government, industry, academia and the NGO community to build more sustainable, low-carbon, energy-efficient, climate-ready communities.

Municipal Climate Change Action Centre

The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre is a partnership of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and the Rural Municipalities of Alberta. The Centre offers one-on-one advisory services, as well as webinars, workshops, and other support to help municipalities reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities

The national voice for Canada's local governments.

Municipal Climate Action Hub

A community of practice supporting municipalities for climate innovation.

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Nature-Based Resources

Beaverhills Biosphere / Beaverhills Initiative

The mission of the Beaverhills Initiative is working together for a sustainable region, through shared initiatives and collaborative action.

Alberta Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils

These independent, non-profit organizations report on watershed health, and facilitate collaborative planning, education, and stewardship.

Biodiversity Management & Climate Change Adaptation (BMCCA)

The project's goal is to develop essential knowledge and tools to support the management of Alberta's biodiversity in a changing climate.

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