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External Resource Directory

Locate climate data and reports, explore training materials, connect with regional climate service providers, and discover organizations revolutionizing the climate landscape with their innovative offerings.

Climate Data and Data Visualization

A Guide to Finding Climate Information & Data (ClimateWest)

This guide offers a collection of credible sources for accessing free climate data. Its emphasis is on the information needs of the Prairie provinces in Canada and provides an overview of where to find different forms of data, as well as basic guidance on using climate information for risk management and adaptation planning.

​Climate Atlas of Canada

The Climate Atlas of Canada combines climate science, mapping, and storytelling to bring the global issue of climate change closer to home for Canadians. It is designed to inspire local, regional, and national action that will let us move from risk to resilience.


Indigenous Climate Change Maps (Climate Atlas of Canada)
A new Indigenous map layer for the Climate Atlas of Canada provides data for 634 First Nations and 53 Inuit communities from coast to coast to coast, as well as climate projects across the Métis homeland.

Climate Data Canada
High-resolution climate data to help decision-makers build a more resilient Canada. Explore data visualizations by location, variable, and sector.

Climate Change in the Prairies
An ArcGIS Story Map of climate change in the Canadian Prairies.

Alberta Climate Records
Through this application, you can explore climate changes and averages for 6,834 10-by-10 km squares in Alberta for 52 climate indices based on historical records between 1951 - 2017 and three future projections for 2041 - 2070.

Rural Development Network

Capacity Building • Consulting Services • Community Projects • Program Offerings

The Rural Development Network advocates for rural voices across the Canada, focusing on development and service provision to address rural-specific issues. Some of their areas of expertise include affordable housing provision, homelessness, community revitalization, wellness promotion, and agricultural literacy.

With a team that possesses extensive experience and a wide range of partners across the country, the network has its finger on the pulse of opportunities for rural communities and residents. Beyond that, they continue to develop new initiatives to meet the evolving needs of rural areas.

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