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Social Media Toolkit

Quick and easily shareable content? We’ve got you covered.​ We've organized a collection of posts and infographics for your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter pages, and even your community newsletter. 

Build public awareness around the issues that matter most to your community and be ready with information to share if an emergency event ever were to happen with the following downloadable file sets. 

The Information Library

For printable fact sheets and more content to share in your newsletters, emails, or on your website, check out the Information Library.

Hazards and Emergency

Twenty-three posts to communicate the risks of hazards and information related to emergency events all year long. Includes summer and winter hazards kit.

Topics: Drought, Windstorms, Heatwaves, Extreme Cold, Wildfires, Air Quality, Flood Risk in Canada and Alberta, Preparing for Risks.


Summer Hazards Kit 

Ten posts to share throughout the summer and as events occur.

Topics: Heatwave Safety, Wildfires, Air Quality, Preparing for Risks


Winter Hazards Kit

Five posts to share throughout the winter months and as events occur.


Topics: Understanding Alerts, Winterizing your Home and Vehicle, Medical Emergencies


Emergency Preparedness

Fourteen posts designed to grow awareness and knowledge of emergency preparedness in your community. 

Topics: Emergency Preparedness Tips, Insurance


Community Wellness
and Resilience

Seven posts to share with your community to describe what resilience is, how it's built, and the impacts of climate change on mental health.

Topics: Mental Health, Ecological Grief, Climate Resilience, Community Vulnerability 


Climate Change
in the Prairies

Six educational posts outlining the impacts of climate change for Alberta and Canada's prairies. 

Topics: Extreme Weather Events, Slow-Onset Climate Impacts, Biodiversity Impacts, Prairie Climate Trends by Season, Air Quality Impacts, Insurance


Ecology, Gardening
and Landscaping

Four posts to help you plant a seed among your community and support a transition to more naturalized and ecologically sound greenspaces. Note: the content of these posts is Alberta-focused.

Topics: Ecoscaping, Native Plants, Drought-Tolerant Planting, Invasive Species

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