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Cultivating Food Sovereignty Training Modules

These modules are designed to educate and inform individuals about the importance of food sovereignty and how to cultivate sovereignty in one's own food system. By watching the following modules, you'll learn about the principles of food sovereignty, the benefits of local food systems, and how to advocate for food resilience in your community. Join us in creating a more sustainable and equitable food system for all.

Certificate of Completion

Complete the Pre- and Post-evaluations to earn a Certificate of Completion! 


Certificate of Completion

2 hours



Defining Food Sovereignty

This module will define food sovereignty, clarify the difference between food sovereignty and food security, and explore how food sovereignty can help target food insecurity while building a more resilient food system.


The Current Food Landscape

This module is about the current food landscape in Alberta. Learn about the shared challenges faced by Indigenous and rural communities, the role Canadian agriculture plays in our economy, and the barriers that exist when revitalising rural communities.



The Impacts of Colonization on Indigenous Food Systems

This module was developed in collaboration with Indigenous guidance through SevGen Consulting. Learn about the impacts of colonization on Indigenous food systems.


Indigenous People as Leaders in the Food Sovereignty Movement

This module was developed in collaboration with Indigenous guidance through SevGen Consulting. Learn about how indigenous peoples and communities are leading food sovereignty movements.



Health Impacts of Food Disruptions

The module will cover how our health is affected when food becomes insecure, and the influences on food insecurity in Indigenous and rural communities. Finally, it will highlight how small communities can target food insecurity using real-world examples from Alberta.


Different Approaches to Regaining Control Over Our Food

This module will outline the value of cultivating food sovereignty, and ways we can each build resilience into our food system at any level.



Cross-Cultural Collaboration for Food Sovereignty

This module was created in partnership with Indigenous guidance through SevGen Consulting. It will cover how Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities can collaborate to progress food sovereignty for all.

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