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A holistic view

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

We're not just looking at climate—we're considering all angles

Often when we approach climate change adaptation, we talk about climate. We talk about projections and we make action plans to address what we're expecting in terms of precipitation and temperature—all with the very best intentions and efforts to ensure our municipalities are resilient when they need to be.

But what about the other aspects of our communities that will impact our capacity to adapt and be resilient? Our human and financial resources? Our communication materials and relationship with the public? Our access to contracted services and funding? Resilient Rurals wants to look closer. We want to understand our communities' capacity to adapt to climate change and any other challenge on a more holistic level.

Communities are like an ecosystem. Each part is a critical function of the whole. With a clear understanding of the health of each component, our resources and assets, we can take a more balanced, holistic approach to addressing challenges with innovation and preparedness.


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