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Celebrating our small town nature

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

What are the characteristics of small towns that create the "small town lens"?

Significant strength comes from the hard-working people of rural communities. Resilient Rurals is excited to celebrate the nature of our communities, and to create a small town lens from which to view resilience.

Diversity is the essence of success. Alberta's and Canada's history, culture and economy are made richer through diversity and we believe our differences must be celebrated.

Our cities are a hub of activity, of modernization and energetic ventures. They are often a source of learning and generous assistance to smaller communities. And in return, small towns and rural areas contribute to the health of larger urban centres by providing a talented workforce, land area to support industry and agriculture, a refreshing perspective for lifestyle, a place for recreation, and a source of local goods, produce, crops, and more.

​While our small communities face unique challenges in providing programs and services with resources that vary greatly from larger urbans, they offer a very important quality of life that can’t be found in larger urban centres. A strong sense of community. They provide people with a place they can get to know each other, connect and belong.


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