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Rural Assist

Supporting vulnerable
residents during unforseen events


Rural Assist connects residents who may be critically vulnerable during severe weather and service disruptions to tailored information and support, so they can remain safe despite their health status, living conditions, or age.

About the Bruderheim Program

The Bruderheim Rural Assist pilot program is currently underway and open for registration for Bruderheim residents. 

Program registrants will be placed on a list with the Town’s emergency alert system and receive alerts for events that could impact their health and safety. These alerts will provide additional resources, critical information about the event, and act as a touchpoint between those who may need additional assistance and Town Staff.

By registering for the Bruderheim Rural Assist Program you will... 

  • Improve your safety in poor weather conditions (heat waves, windstorms, freezing rain, floods, wildfires, periods of poor air quality

  • Gain the ability to request assistance during climate-related events and utility outages via a check-in alert function

  • Access information about vulnerability and safety in extreme weather

Information you provide to the program regarding your vulnerabilities will only be used by the Resilient Rurals team, Bruderheim staff and relevant emergency departments.


Rural Assist serves those who:

  • have reduced mobility due to a disability or other factors 

  • manage a health condition with equipment that requires electricity and/or running water

  • receive caregiver assistance

  • have a health condition that increases heat sensitivity (e.g., cardiovascular disease, kidney problems, high blood pressure etc.)


  • treat a health condition with medication that increases heat sensitivity (e.g., blood pressure treatments, diuretics, antihistamines, decongestants, medicines to treat psychiatric conditions, etc.) 

  • have a health condition that increases risk in poor air quality (e.g., moderate to severe asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, etc.) 

Begin your registration

Please provide your name and contact information and a Town of Bruderheim staff member will be in touch to complete your registration. ​

Want to register a family member or friend? Rural Assist will require their direct consent, so please provide your contact information and a staff member will be in touch to discuss the best course of action.

Select one of the following

Thank you! A Bruderheim staff member will be in touch soon to complete your Rural Assist registration

Registration Form
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Don't Qualify for Rural Assist?

Register for Bruderheim's Alert System

Emergency Preparedness is important for all of our community members. If you don't qualify for Rural Assist, you can still receive critical alerts and town information by registering for the Bruderheim Alert System. 

Bruderheim Community Vulnerability Survey

Town of Bruderheim wants to explore the different types of climate vulnerability the community experiences. Aswe see more challenging weather like windstorms, freezing rain, floods, wildfires, heat waves, and poor air quality, we must empower residents with information and support. It’s important that our vulnerabilities aren’t overlooked and people aren't left behind. 

Who should complete this survey? All Bruderheim residents are encouraged to participate in the Community Vulnerability Survey.

Don't think you're 'climate-vulnerable'? Vulnerable or not, your experience is part of the whole community picture and important to take into consideration. Take the survey and learn about how broad climate vulnerability can be. 

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