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Air Quality Advisory

Air quality refers to the amount of pollutants or particles in the air we breathe. Air Quality Advisories are released when the amount of pollutants in the air can be irritating and/or damaging.

Key Vulnerable Groups

  • Seniors (65+)

  • Anyone living with a health condition that increases risk in poor air quality (e.g., moderate to severe asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, etc.)

How Does An Air Quality Advisory Impact Me?

If an Air Quality Advisory is released, we may need to alter our outdoor or strenuous physical activity to reduce the impact on our lungs and hearts. Children and the elderly may also be at greater risk of irritation and coughing.

Air Quality Advisories may mean moving activities indoors, or wearing a mask known as a particulate respirator (N95, NIOSH, P100) to reduce the amount of particles/pollutants inhaled.

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