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Large Hail Warning

In Canada, severe hail is considered to be nickel-sized or larger. Hailstorm-alley runs through south-central Alberta, and includes Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, and surrounding areas.

Key Vulnerable Groups

  • Seniors (65+)

  • Anyone who has reduced mobility due to a disability or other factors

Who Else May Be Vulnerable?

Other vulnerable groups can include people who live in a low-income household, people who live in sub-standard housing conditions, people who live with mental health issues, and people whose job requires working outdoors in a variety of weather conditions. If you know someone who may belong to one of these groups, we encourage you to reach out to them, and share this information.

How Does A Large Hail Warning Impact Me?

Large hail can cause damage to houses (siding and roofs), vehicles, and gardens/crops. During a Large Hail Warning, it is important to bring all people and pets inside and away from windows, which may break if hit by large hail at high speeds.

If you can, cover your vehicles, gardens, and windows before the hail hits. It is also important to check your home and car insurance to determine if hail damage is covered under your policy. Likewise, keeping your eavestroughs clean, and pruning weakened tree branches can mitigate potentially extreme damage during a storm.

It is not recommended that people drive during a hailstorm, and if it occurs while you are driving, pull into a gas station/covered structure, or angle your car so the hail hits your reinforced windshield (as opposed to side or back windows). Avoid taking cover under a tree, as it may break during the storm, causing further damage to your vehicle.

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