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Severe Wind Warning

In most of Alberta, a Severe Wind Warning is given for winds expected to reach at least 70 km/h, or gust at least 90 km/h

Key Vulnerable Populations:

  • Anyone who has reduced mobility due to a disability or other factors

Who Else May Be Vulnerable?

Other vulnerable groups can include people who live in sub-standard housing conditions, and people whose job requires working outdoors in a variety of weather conditions. If you know someone who may belong to one of these groups, we encourage you to reach out to them, and share this information.

How Does A Severe Wind Warning Impact Me?

Severe Wind Warnings can cause injury, property damage, and/or make it difficult to operate a vehicle or machinery.

It is important to secure loose items, such as patio/deck chair, garbage cans, etc. in order to prevent them from becoming potentially dangerous flying objects.

Resilient Rurals Severe Wind Warning Resources:

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Additional Resources

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