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Wildfire Warning

In Alberta, Wildfire Season runs from March 31 - October 31 each year. Wildfires can be extremely dangerous and situations can quickly change. Prevention and preparedness are critical aspects of responding to a Wildfire Warning.

Key Vulnerable Populations:

  • Seniors (65+)

  • Anyone who has reduced mobility due to a disability or other factors

  • Anyone who lives with a condition that requires caregiver assistance

  • Anyone who lives with a health condition that increases risk with poor air quality (e.g., moderate to severe asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, etc.)

  • Anyone who manages a health condition with equipment that requires electricity and/or running water

Who Else May Be Vulnerable?

Other vulnerable groups can include people who live alone or run a lone-parent household, and people who live with mental health issues. If you know someone who may belong to one of these groups, we encourage you to reach out to them, and share this information.

How Does A Wildfire Warning Impact Me?

Wildfires can have a devastating impact on communities and ecosystems. It is important to prepare for a wildfire in your area by creating an Emergency Preparedness kit, and understanding the evacuation routes in your community before a wildfire becomes a concern.

Alongside devastating impacts to homes and property, wildfires can worsen air quality or lead to smoke inhalation, which can cause difficult/noisy breathing, a hoarse voice or trouble speaking, coughing, and possible changes in mental state (lethargy, agitation, confusion, etc.).

Resilient Rurals Wildfire Warning Resources:

For more Resilient Rurals Resources visit Wildfires in the Resource Hub!

Additional Resources

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