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Bruderheim Community Vulnerability Survey

Town of Bruderheim wants to explore the different types of climate vulnerability the community experiences. Aswe see more challenging weather like windstorms, freezing rain, floods, wildfires, heat waves, and poor air quality, we must empower residents with information and support. It’s important that our vulnerabilities aren’t overlooked and people aren't left behind. 

Who should complete this survey? All Bruderheim residents are encouraged to participate in the Community Vulnerability Survey.

Don't think you're 'climate-vulnerable'? Vulnerable or not, your experience is part of the whole community picture and is important to take into consideration. Take the survey and learn about how broad climate vulnerability can be. 

Agricultural Producer's

​Share your insights and personal experience on climate change impacts and agriculture in Canada.


Community Resilience Surveys

Thank you to our residents, youth and staff for participating in our resilience surveys!

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